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Hydraulic Oils

We have an expanding range of oils in stock

Choosing the right oil is essential, at R L Duncanson & Son you’ll find all the choice you need. Our oil is new and not re-blended and by choosing the best hydraulic oil you reduce downtime and cost.
By using a high performing oil, you are protecting your machine and the system parts. You will reduce the need for oil changes as there is less oxidation and build-up of sludge etc. You are protecting your hydraulic pump, your engine or your transmission. All of which make up the heart of any machine as a useful tool.
There will be less brake chatter, because the oil works with the friction parts. Also the oil gives more protection against water which in hydraulic systems reduces lubrication causing parts to wear prematurely and in extreme cases catastrophic failure!
Quality oil is a wise investment. Remember: You can't do the job while walking.
Our comprehensive product range consists of top quality oils and greases, not just Hydraulic Oil, but also Engine and Transmission for both Modern and Older Machines and Equipment.

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